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WOLF are cooking specialists. They focus solely on making the best cooking appliances possible. Their expertise has been honed over generations. WOLF has been building cooking equipment to satisfy the most demanding professional chefs and domestic cooks for more than 70 years. WOLF’s range includes upright cookers, ovens, cooktops and other cooking appliances for the kitchen.

Repair features of WOLF brand household appliances

Quality is confirmed over the years
  • fast and accurate diagnosis of WOLF appliance
  • fix all appliance problems at your home
  • full manufacturer’s warranty
  • WOLF high quality parts
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In 2000, a well known Sub-Zero company created Wolf brand to manufacture kitchen appliances for people who love and appreciate convenient cooking. Release of the new product line was the most ambitious in the history of the kitchen industry of 2000s. About 50 units of the product were released at a time. With Wolf kitchen equipment, control over cooking process is fully transferred into consumer’s hands thanks to simple technology of usage.

Starting with the 1930s, Westye Bakke has experimented with cooling systems. He did this in order to find the best way to store insulin for his son, as refrigerator models existing at the time on the market did not satisfy him due to the low quality of food and medicines preservation. Perseverance and dedication contributed to the fact that he alone built in 1943 a self-contained freezer in the basement of his house.

In 1945, Sub-Zero was established, a company, which started manufacturing refrigerators, capable of storing products at very low temperatures. Thanks to the innovative approach, consumers quickly started trusting the company, and it has become a leader in its field. In 2000, the brand Wolf was established,and over 50 new products were released under its name.

New product launch drew attention of passionate cooks and those who just loved comfortable cooking. Quality and innovation, as well as trendy design, allow the company to retain one of the leading positions for a long time.

Wolf household appliances reflect the unlimited imagination of designers, as well as innovations of the company. With Wolf kitchen appliances, your kitchen will no longer be a boring room – bold solutions and bright design will transform the environment beyond recognition, and the quality equipment will cause delight and inspiration.

Our company is engaged in repairing of Wolf appliances. You can safely entrust your favorite cooking appliances to us, as our specialists are experts and regularly undergo training at the factories, and receive certificates from each company being served by us. Advantages of your appliances repair by our company are the following: repair on the day of the request, only original spare parts, as well as a manufacturer’s warranty.

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