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Fast, high-quality and clear repair

washing-machine!There are piles of clothes to be washed, and your washing machine won’t start? Or it switched on, but it doesn’t seem to be working right? So, the day has come. Something is out of order.  And we are ready to come to your assistance.

The type of your washing machine, its producer, size or type of laundry load doesn’t matter. Our technicians are qualified to resolve any problems with all types of washing machines.

Type of washer

That we repair
  • Front-Loading Washer
  • Traditional Top-Loading Washer
  • Combination Washer and Dryer


90 day warranty on repairs
90 day warranty on parts of manufacturer

You need local washer repair in NJ – call our repair man or send us a request and we ourselves will contact you and find out when it is convenient for you to welcome our technician.

Full service



Advance Appliance provides the high quality service for all main brands of washing machines.


We fix 89% of the breakdowns at your place. Our technicians fix the problem in a timely manner and provide you a guarantee for their services. You won’t even notice how quickly you will come back to your regular pace of life.


If there is a need, we replace the broken parts and the ones, which are out of order, with original parts from the producer of the respective brand. Advance Appliance uses only the original parts to guarantee the 100% quality performance.

Washing machine brands

Which we service
Whirlpool washer repair service NJ Maytag washer repair service NJ LG washer repair service NJ Jenn-air washer repair service NJ
General-Electric washer repair service NJ Frigidaire washer repair service NJ Kenmore washer repair service NJ Amana washer repair service NJ
Samsung washer repair service NJ Bosch washer repair service NJ KitchenAid washer repair service NJ Electrolux washer repair service NJ

When should you call a specialist?

Common issues, symptoms and causes breakage
  • Doesn’t fill with water
    Can you imagine the washing without water in the cylinder? Sometimes it happens that due to the trouble in the washing machine, water doesn’t flow into the cylinder, but this doesn’t stop it. There is just no result from such a washing. So, please contact the repair service.
  • Shakes and moves
    When your washer starts ‘dancing’ during the washing cycle, believe us, this is not out of joy. The active movements of the frame tell us that it doesn’t feel well. It is necessary to call the appliance doctor which will remove the cause of the breakdown.
  • Temperature’s problem
    The washing machine isn’t filled out with cold or hot water? You can’t rely on the indicator of the temperature settings? Save your clothes, especially the delicate ones, and turn to the professionals who will manage even such a complex breakdown.
  • Washing machine is leaking
    You have noticed the puddle which has been flowing from under your washing machine? Even if there are only several drops, it is necessary to contact the professionals immediately, as the timely repair will save your money and, what is more, it can save your appliance.
  • Washing machine is very noisy
    When your washing machine starts to work more loudly than usual or produce strange uncharacteristic noise during the work – turn to professionals. If there is no breakdown as such, then unnatural noise is the first sign of the problem.
  • Washing machine doesn’t start
    If the washing machine won’t switch on – check if you inserted the detachable connector into the socket. If the power source is connected, all the settings are set correctly but the washing cycle won’t start – call a technician.

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