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How to use a washing machine properly

The lifetime of your appliance depends on its correct use. This article offers tips that will help your dishwasher function longer. Thus, you first need to pay attention to dishes placement. Dishwasher is assembled in such a way that water flow rinse the dishes independently. If after washing, the dishes contain food remnants, it means that you placed the dishes in the machine wrong. Our tips will help you place the dishes in a way that will make them as clean as it is reasonably possible after washing.

  • Place large plates on the edges, and smaller items closer to the center.
  • If you are using programs for economic washing, place the plates in the next but one compartment, rather than in the every one.
  • Do not place the dishes with long handles vertically. This can lead to blockage, and the balance beam might stop revolving.
  • Do not put glasses on the side – this position prevents high quality cleaning and water with detergent may remain on the walls. Place them vertically with stems upwards.
  • All items placed on the top level must be fixed securely.
  • Place pans vertically with their handles leaning against high plates – such position will take up minimum space.

Now let us consider a few tips regarding economic washing of dishes:

  • Load the dishwasher to the maximum. Thus, the overall consumption of resources will be lower.
  • Remove large food leftovers from the dish, without rinsing it.
  • Choose energy-saving program for washing
  • Select the correct water hardness indicator
  • No need to overuse the detergent – it will only decrease water quality
  • Periodically clean the machine filter. Remember: you cannot use the machine without the filter.

A few more useful tips:

  1. Check if the lead to detergent compartment is securely closed, since otherwise the detergent may get into the compartment where dishes are rinsed.
  2. Check basket grid for food remnants.
  3. If you are busy and cannot follow the washing process, use the “auto” mode.
  4. You can set a special system for water preparation. This will let you avoid breakdowns, protect the machine from appearance of scale.

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