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Tips on taking care of your oven

You can’t imagine a modern kitchen without an oven. This is where the most delicious dishes for the whole family are cooked. For your oven to be in a good condition and serve you for many years, we recommend you follow these simple rules.


If your oven has an option of catalytic cleaning – you do not need to take any additional efforts. The internal surface of ovens with catalytic cleaning function is coated with porous enamel. These pores contain special chemical substance where grease accumulates in the course of oven operation. Under high temperatures, grease splits and turns into soot, which can later be wiped off easily.


Some ovens are equipped with pyrolytic oven cleaning function. Particles of grease disintegrate under high temperatures. However, you should take grill and baking trays out. The only negative effect of this method is an unpleasant odor that is released during this procedure. However, this is not an issue if your kitchen is equipped with a powerful hood.


Hydrolysis cleaning is cleaning of the oven using water. A small amount of water and special substance for hydrolysis is poured into the tray, whereafter the oven is turned on. Over time, grease softens and flows down into the water tray. After this procedure, wipe down the oven with a napkin or thin cloth to remove residual water, and then leave it open to dry completely.

1446702784_first_slayd_gidrolyse_clearFirst, before you start cleaning, we recommend you remove everything – dishes and grills.

To avoid damaging the oven surface, do no use the following items:

  • Metal or hard sponges
  • Acid or abrasive detergents
  • Powerful substances that contain alcohol
  • Substances for cleaning under pressure or using the steam stream

Special substances for taking care of the oven do not damage the surface and enable its easy and quick cleaning

To clean the front oven panel, you will need hot water with a little soap. Use a napkin for washing dishes to clean, and a soft cloth to wipe the surface dry. Do not use the glass cleaner!


Stainless steel can be easily cleaned using hot water with a little soap. If there are still grease, water, egg white, or cornstarch stains, you need to remove them immediately, as they may start the corrosion process. You can buy special stainless steel cleaner, which should be applied with a thin cloth.

Glass, display panel and glass doors can be cleaned using liquid for cleaning glass and soft cloth. Do not use hard scrapers.

Sliding rails must be washed with hot water and a little soap. Though do not let them soak, or wash in the dishwasher.


Finally, here is few more tips that will make the process of cooking easier:

  • Use ceramic or dark dishes. This lets you to improve heat transfer;
  • Heat your oven in advance. You will reduce the cooking time of any meal;
  • Defrost the food in advance. They will keep their useful properties
  • For quick baking, use the “Grill” mode
  • “Turbo” mode with ventilator turned on bakes wonderful pastry.

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