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Samsung Washer Fault Codes

We can say that Samsung washer repair is one of the easiest ones in the sense that technology itself often “tells” what is wrong with it. This is done so that not just technicians, but you too could understand a reason of breakdown. Below is a list of the most common Samsung washer error codes and their meaning.


4E (Е1)– WATER SUPPLY ERROR – An error which indicates that water level frequency displays a change of at most 100 Hz. It may also mean that 10 minutes (or more) has passed since the machine launch, but the water did not reach the preset level. Often, this error will be released by restarting the machine, i.e. pressing Off and On button.

5E(E2) – WATER DRAIN ERROR – 5E error indicates water drainage issues. It can be resolved by switching power supply off and then back on.

oE (OF)– OVER-FLOW ERROR – Overflow error indicates that water level in the washer is too high or too much washing powder/liquid has been added. Just switch power supply off, wait for 30 seconds and then switch it back on.  Usually, this solves the problem.

UE (E4) – UNBALANCE ERROR – This error indicates that the drum is over- or under-loaded. This is not an error but rather a tip advising you what to pay attention to for safe and efficient washing. Just try to avoid overloading the washer with items and running the cycle for just one shirt.

HE WATER HEATER ERROR – This abbreviation indicates an error with water temperature/heating. It can be tricky, so if you see these letters on the display – call tech support immediately.

1E(E7) – WATER PRESSURE SWITCH ERROR – this error indicates pressure issue, which may be a result of relay breakdown. First, try resetting all settings (switch the appliance off and back on) and restart the process. If you still see this error – call the specialist.

CE – ABNORMAL WATER TEMPERATURE ERROR – An error, which is displayed if the temperature does not match the washing mode. E.g., water is too hot for a sensitive mode.

11E – WATER LEAKAGE ERROR – Water leak error, which occurs when water leaks through the drainage after the washing cycle starts.

TE – THERMISTOR ERROR – Mechanical error, which may be reset by simply switching the appliance off on the control panel, waiting for 30 seconds and then turning it back on.

3E – MOTOR RESTRICTION ERROR – Indicates problems with motor that may also be reset by restarting the system and washing cycle. If switching the power off and back on did not help, contact the specialist.


These are not all possible error codes that Samsung washer may display, though they are the most common. Most of them may be resolved by simply switching the machine off and then back on. In any other cases or if restarting the machine does not work, contact the specialist.

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