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Repairing vs. Replacing Your Cooktop: What To Consider

Cooktops are essential appliances in your kitchen. Unfortunately, when yours fails to work correctly, you’re stuck with the tricky decision of repairing or replacing it. While some may assume total replacement is best, this could mean wasting several thousand dollars. However, this doesn’t mean repair is always the best option either. When in doubt, it’s always best to take expert advice. Learn what to consider when deciding whether to repair or replace your cooktop.

Reasons To Repair Your Cooktop

Buying a brand-new appliance is a cost many homeowners dread, especially when it becomes an unexpected necessity. If possible, repairing the device may be your best option. Most experts recommend repairs when the damage is superficial or a part of machine maintenance. 

It’s a Simple Break

Repairing your cooktop when the damage is simple can be a great choice for several reasons. In these cases, repairs are more cost effective than replacing the appliance altogether. Ideally, repair costs range from $100 to $300 in these situations—the price depends on what broke and the parts needed to fix it. A repair that fits this price range is excellent because it’s far cheaper than a new appliance, which could cost several thousand dollars.

Maintenance Extends Appliance Life

If your appliance is newer, a repair is likely ideal in the first few years of life. However, by taking care of your cooktop and getting it fixed as needed, you can avoid hefty repairs down the line.

Additionally, repairing your cooktop ensures that it is in good working condition and can last for years without needing a replacement. If areas such as the heating element of your electric range spark when you turn it on, dust or debris could have built up around the heating element. With help from a professional, you can get this cleaned and working properly again. 

Reasons To Replace Your Cooktop

While repair is often the preferred option, it isn’t always the best. Sometimes, something isn’t a quick fix, and repair fees may outweigh the cost of a new appliance. Likewise, older cooktops are more likely to break down due to the dated technology, so one repair could snowball into several.

Repairs Are Too Pricey

If repairing your cooktop is more expensive than buying a brand-new one, it is in your best interest to purchase a new one. You’ll save money and enjoy the benefits of having a modern cooktop with up-to-date features. Buying a new model could provide better safety features and energy efficiency compared to an older cooktop.

A reputable repair technician isn’t just in it for the money; they’ll tell you the honest repair cost and whether total replacement is a better investment. Before buying a new appliance, ask a repair tech to come out and give you a quote so you can adequately compare both prices.

Before You Buy

Remember that buying a new appliance also comes with hidden costs, including removal of the old one, delivery, installation, tax, and more. You’ll also have to search for one to purchase and then wait for delivery. This can create inconveniences, as you may not be able to use the broken cooktop.

When the Cooktop Is Dated

Replacement may also be the ideal option when your cooktop is outdated compared to what’s currently on the market. Once an appliance surpasses its life expectancy, things start to break down. The typical gas range lasts 15 years, while electric cooktops last 13 years, so it’s usually best to shop for a replacement if yours is around this age. While the current repair may be cheap, there’s more risk that you’ll need to pay for additional repairs soon.

Moreover, newer models come with various features that can improve the overall cooking experience, such as smarter controls for temperature control and digital displays for more accurate measurements. Plus, you’ll benefit from improved energy efficiency and safety standards.

Tips for Hiring a Repair Technician

Finding the best technician in your area is vital when considering whether to repair or replace your cooktop. A great company offers quality work and realistic quotes and is honest about your best option. 

As you search for a reputable repair technician, consider the following:

  • Your budget
  • Business qualifications
  • Company reviews
  • Recommendations 

Hiring the best company for the job gives you peace of mind in knowing you’ll make the best decision based on your cooktop.

Set a Budget

When hiring a cooktop repair service, it’s important to calculate how much money you can spend and set a realistic budget accordingly. This will ensure that you receive quality service without overspending and avoid any surprise costs. Having a budget in place can also help you narrow down your options so you won’t be overwhelmed with too many choices.

Confirm Business Qualifications

Investigating the repair company’s qualifications ensures the technician has the knowledge to repair your cooktop brand. Additionally, read through the business’s licenses to verify they are legally allowed to work on these appliances and have insurance coverage. Furthermore, confirming that the tech has the necessary training for your brand and type of appliance ensures they’ll make the right repairs.

Read Customer Reviews

By reading through customer reviews, you can get a better sense of each company’s transparency and customer service. You can read how quickly their technicians were able to respond and repair the appliance, as well as how long it took them to complete the job. Past customers often provide specific details about the quality of work and any follow-up services required after the initial repair. Use this information to narrow your scope as you decide on the best repair expert in your area.

Ask for Recommendations

When hiring an appliance repair technician, it’s important to ask for recommendations from friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers. This lets you get a firsthand account of the company or individual’s services with someone you can rely on. Similar to customer reviews, this gives you someone’s firsthand experience with the company. However, trusting this one is easier since you know the reviewer.

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Repairing vs. Replacing Your Cooktop: What To Consider

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