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Why is my refrigerator so loud?

For many of us, the refrigerator is the most important household appliance. It often makes our life more comfortable, but also adds trouble mostly in the form of excessive noise.

What are the causes of loud refrigerator operation?

There is quite a number of reasons for your fridge to start making noise. One of them is the collision of water collection pan and the compressor. Increased noise is created due to vibration being transmitted to plastic. Sometimes, in order to eliminate this issue, you just need to grope the water pan and slightly pull it towards yourself. But this method does not always work, therefore, other reasons must be found.


Note, that repair of household appliances without the specific tools and adequate experience may lead to even greater breakdowns. Most of the above reasons may be eliminated by the technician, as they are associated with the appliance technical features.

Let’s review the causes of loud fridge operation.


  1. The appliance may sit on uneven surface and touch other parts due to compressor tilt. To resolve this issue, you only need to adjust the legs, and set them in a way that the appliance is leveled and no longer touches the surface it was adjacent to.


  1. The appliance started making noise as a result of damper unfastening. In this case, it is necessary to gradually tighten the fastening and wait until the cracking noise disappears.


  1. Sometimes the compressor model is noisy due to its design features. The reason for this is always a high pressure of the refrigeration medium. Please note that you can only resolve this problem with the help of a specialist.


  1. If the model of your refrigerator is equipped with two compressors, the appliance will operate loudly in any case.


  1. Breakage or wearing of the compressor. If this happens, call the technician, since the refrigerator repair nj without experience or special tools may cause the fridge to stop working altogether.


If your refrigerator is not just noisy, but operates non-stop and does not switch off, this may also be an alarming sign, which means you need to call a specialist. The following may have happened:

  1. The rubber gasket might have worn out, and therefore, the compressor may not maintain the required temperature and operate non-stop. If you don’t take steps in time, the fridge may soon stop working altogether.
  1. Refrigeration medium leakage. It is easy to detect this issue. When the refrigeration medium leaks, the fridge stops freezing, though it continues functioning.
  1. The refrigerator is located in the room with a high temperature. Sometimes, this is the reason why the fridge cannot maintain proper temperature, and thus is operating for a long time and does not switch off.
  1. Breakage of the thermostatic circuit or the circuit board.
  1. Failure of the thermostat
  1. Failure of the relay.


The last three reasons are the most common. Therefore, there is only one answer to the question “What to do in such cases?” – do not waste time and call a specialist.


Sometimes, the fridge works non-stopand also freezes too much. If this is the case, first check if the freezing mode is on. When you switch the mode off, the problem may be eliminated. If the freezing mode is off, then the reason behind the issue may be incorrect functioning of the controlling thermostat.

In the first case, the relay may have stuck. It is responsible for circuit opening, when the required temperature is reached. As a result, the compressor does not switch off, as relay contacts do not open the circuit.

In the second case, the thermostatic element might have broken down. This is why the fridge is constantly in the freezer mode – the signal for relay contacts breaking and engine cutoff is not transmitted. If your refrigerator is a new model – a crash of the control board is possible.

Of course, you can try to repair it yourself, but can you be sure that you would be able to do everything correctly, and the thermostat would not break down shortly?

Even installing the new rubber gasket may require certain experience and skills. Our technicians will conduct diagnostics of your appliance, determine the cause of breakdown and repair it qualitatively within the shortest time possible.



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