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A refrigerator malfunction is the most urgent break down of all the home appliances. It’s the refrigerator that keeps our food items fresh so that our meals are tasty. That’s where you find milk for your morning coffee, as well as eggs and bacon for breakfast. You can’t even imagine mornings without your refrigerator, let alone the entire day. What about two days?

If something went wrong and your refrigerator or other appliance is not working right, or you notice some signs that it’s going to stop working soon – call Advanced Appliance for high-quality refrigerator repair services in Monmouth and Middlesex Counties of New Jersey.

We will quickly send out a technician who will arrive at your location, do a local freezer repair in Monmouth and Middlesex Counties so you can enjoy fresh meals once again.

Types of Refrigerators We Repair

Specializing in all Types of Refrigerators
  • Top Freezer
  • Bottom Freezer
  • French Door
  • Side-by-Side
  • Built-In
  • Compact or Mini


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Advance Appliance offers high-quality service and repair for all main brands of refrigerators.


Our refrigerator specialists carry out the trouble-shooting of the refrigerator and solve the problem in timely manner. We fix 89% of the breakdowns at your place. The problem will be solved so quickly that you will even forget that it has been there before. And of course, we provide the guarantee for all our services.


It often occurs that the reason for improper fridge performance is the breakage of some part of the hardware. If the part is out of order, we will replace it with the similar new one. All replacement parts that we use are original, and produced by the respective brand.

Refrigerator brands

That We Professionally Repair
Whirlpool cooktop repair service Maytag cooktop repair service LG cooktop repair service Jenn-air cooktop repair service Viking cooktop repair service
General-Electric cooktop repair service Frigidaire cooktop repair service Kenmore cooktop repair service Amana cooktop repair service Miele cooktop repair service
Samsung cooktop repair service Bosch cooktop repair service KitchenAid cooktop repair service Electrolux cooktop repair service Sub-Zero cooktop repair service

When should you call a specialist?

Common issues, symptoms and breakdowns
    • Strange Noise

If the fridge has started making noise, it’s already the sign that something went wrong. One should identify the cause and remove it as soon as possible, because the noise is only the first sign of greater problems which can appear to be as small so as the great ones. And only the professional can estimate the situation properly.

    • Doesn’t cool

Your refrigerator is gradually turning into a cupboard? You just put the products in there and temperature is the same as in the room? So, what are you waiting for? The fridge should preserve your products by maintaining certain temperature. When it stops doing so, there is no sense to keep it at home.

    • Doesn’t stay cold

One more sign of the problem with fridge performance is that it is gradually loosing the necessary temperature. It cools itself from the inside only to certain temperature and then stops maintaining its temperature condition. The problem is very similar to the previous one and it also needs the immediate repair.

    • Leaking

Keep in mind that no liquid should flow from under your refrigerator. So as from its internal part. If your beauty leaks from time to time – call the technician. There can be several reasons for that and only the professional can identify what caused such consequences.

    • Fridge to warm

If the products in the freezer aren’t frozen then something is wrong with the freezer. As the main section of the fridge and the freezer should have different temperature conditions. It is so by default. And if something has changed, please, contact the repair service.

    • Ice maker doesn’t make ice

And the last and the least problem among the above listed, though it is not less disappointing – when ice, which sometimes is extremely needed, is not produced. Why has the fridge stopped performing one of its functions? The technician will tell you this after the trouble-shooting.

Contact the professionals to learn more about our local refrigerator repair services in Monmouth and Middlesex Counties of New Jersey today!

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