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Why Does Your Refrigerator Make Weird Noises?

Your fridge is a one pretty closet filled cool & scrumptious products.  It appears the most serene object, until it turns noisy.But, are you acquainted with the fact that your refrigerator utters lots of distinct voices and not all of them are too serious?
Yes, and if they are not too serious, you can handle these all yourself without the assistance of appliance repair professionals.

Here are some very common sounds that emerge out of your refrigerators, with the most prominent solutions to each:


  1. Vibrational Noises:

Vibrational noises normally occur when your refrigerators are not kept on a leveled floor.

Solution: It’s as simple as adjusting the height of the refrigerator stand or transferring the appliance to a different, leveled platform.

  1. Hissing Noise:

This is the sound produced by the flow of oil or refrigerant and isn’t something very serious.

Solution:This sound is completely normal and your refrigerator never needs any assistance.  If you smell refrigerant in the air, you will need immediate assistance of an appliance repair professional to mitigate the problem.  You need to open all windows to ventilate space and should re-enter least until the leak source is sealed.

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  1. Water Running Noise:

You normally hear this noise when you defrost your refrigerator and this is produced due to water dripping in the drain pan.  Happens roughly twice a day for up to 30 minutes in duration.  An ice maker will fill every hour for few seconds at a time.

Solution:This again is a normal operating sound in the refrigerator and common to hear until it is not accompanied by any other noise.

  1. Dripping Noise:

Dripping noise is normally caused due to flow of compressor oil or refrigerant and is again completely normal.

  1. Buzzing Noise:

This is a kind of sound produced when the water inlet valve opens to dispense water and it closes after this.

Solution: The noise is considered normal when the refrigerator is attached to the water line and if you connect it to the water line, ensure to turn the ice maker off.

  1. Continuous Clicking:

This is a normal refrigerator sound and occurs when your appliance switches its cooling job from one compartment to another.

  1. Pulsating Sound:

The sound occurs when the compressor adjusts itself to streamline its performance during the normal operation.

Solution: This is nothing serious and the sounds do not hurt your refrigerator.

  1. Popping Noise:

This sound is produced when the inside walls of the refrigerator expand and contract.

Solution: This is a normal refrigerator operation sound and does not mean any harm.

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  1. Clattering Noise:

This kind of noise is commonly heard when the ice cubes settle themselves up in the ice storage bin.

Solution: Do the ice cubes mean any harm to the storage bin? Similarly, the sound never means any harm.

  1. Banging Noise:

Banging noise denote the presence of some heavy products on top of the refrigerator or the movement of water lines in the refrigerator.

Solution: If you have kept something very heavy over your refrigerator, remove it quickly and ensure to secure the water lines inside.

  1. Compressor Running Too Long:

In case you experience the compressors or fans running for too long or too less, you might suspect the efficiency of the refrigerator.

Solution: As per the experts, big and efficient refrigerators tend to run longer, or sometimes at less, more energy-efficient speeds. This is completely normal and never denotes a fault.

  1. Whirring Sound:

This sound normally occurs when the compressor or fans try to adjust themselves during their operation.


Solution: This is a normal refrigerator sound and never harms your appliance.

These are some of the most common sounds that refrigerators normally make. Thankfully, none of them are too serious and could be mitigated easily.

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However, what if you hear a sudden thud or blast inside your refrigerator?

Check if some heavy object inside the appliance has fallen down to utter such a sound.

And on a serious note, if your refrigerator makes any loud of unwanted noises, consult your user manual or call the appliance repair experts to help you through the process.

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