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Proper care after cooktops: what does it look like?

Cooktops come in 3 types: electric, gas and combined. They are made of the following materials – stainless steel or glass-lined steel, tempered glass or glass ceramics. When taking care of cooktops, you need to consider the material it is made of.

To clean enameled parts, use a damp sponge together with a detergent for washing dishes. Wipe aluminum surfaces and parts with a cotton cloth or rag, soaked in the sunflower oil. Then wipe down the surface with the spirit.

Glass ceramics is a very delicate material. That is why you need to choose appropriate cleaning methods. It is allowed to wipe the surface with a damp towel. You can also use glass cleaner.

Touch Panel cooktops are easier to clean, as they lack uneven areas and other details.
If there are spots on the cooktop or it has lost its color, it can mean that you picked up the wrong detergent or dishes. For such cases, there exist special detergents designed specifically for glass ceramic surfaces. Apply concentrated liquid detergent to surface, leave for a while, and then wipe it with a damp cloth.


Remember that if you are cleaning hot cooktop, the detergent may spoil it. To protect your cooktop from damage, apply special protective coating.
Do not use detergents designed for laundry or washing dishes. They contain ingredients that mey discolor glass ceramic surface.

It is best to clean the glass surface with a weak detergent solution. Use suede for cleaning. Before you start cleaning old stains, soak them with warm water.
Thermal element and the ignition device should be cleaned with a soft brush. For your cooktop to function as needed, these parts must be always clean.

All components of the burners shall be cleaned with warm water.
Don’t forget that not all dishes are suited for cooktops. Specialists recommend using cooking utensils made of cast iron. Dishes with double or triple bottom are considered perfect for it. Due to high heat accumulation, cooking time is reduced. In addition, it requires minimum amount of water.


But remember that basic rules of using cooktops include complying with safety procedures. First, check availability and correctness of grounding. If power surges are frequent in your house, we recommend you give preference to the cooktop with protective fuse.

Besides, pay attention to the diameter of the flame – it should match the diameter of the cookware bottom and should not come out under it.
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