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Perfect refrigerator: what does it look like?

When choosing a refrigerator, most people firstly wish it worked for a long time, did not break down, and was cheap. However, it is also important for the fridge to be energy-efficient, fit into the interior and be usable. In this article, basic characteristics to help you choose the fridge are covered.

For a start, let’s review the most important criteria of the household fridge. The first thing you need to think of before buying the appliance is its dimensions. Nowadays, there exist fridges with different number of compartments – from one to six. Each manufacturer has his own product dimensions, though they may vary by at most 4 inches. In order to choose the best size of the fridge for your home, you first need to decide on its location. Use the measuring tape to measure the right spot, and choose the correct size based on these measurements. Two-compartment model is the most popular refrigerator type.


Location of compartments is one more feature worth paying attention to.Refrigerators with freezer compartments located in the lower part have recently become popular. Most people are used to such location, and as a result using a different type of fridge may seem inconvenient. Pay attention to compartment size ratio– if a spacious freezer is more important to you, choose a refrigerator with a large freezer.


To choose a refrigerator capacity, you need to know just one simple thing: 180 liters appliance is enough for a family of two, 250 liters – for three persons, and a family of 5 or 6 people will need a refrigerator of over 350 liters. Though don’t forget about the size, as refrigerator capacity directly influences its size.


Note the type of defrosting and freezing. We will not go into technical detail; we’ll just highlight the most important information to you.  Freezing may be noiseless (thermoelectric), more noisy (absorbing) and with the help of compressors (the noisiest). In its turn, defrosting may be manual and automated (no frost). If you do not intend to defrost your refrigerator often or don’t want to switch off and clean your freezer from ice every year, choose the modern type with No Frost system. You should note though, that a refrigerator with a drop system of defrosting would cost you less.

You should also choose the fridge based on the region where you reside. This criterion is called a climate class.

  • N climate class (from 60.8 °F to 89.6°F) will suit most buyers. However, if summer temperatures in your location reaches 60.8 and higher, you should only use your fridge in the room with air conditioning on.
  • SN climate class (from 50° F to 89.6 °F) is good for rooms that are poorly heated.
  • ST climate class (from 64.4 °F to 100.4 ° F) – it is mostly suitable for southern regions.
  • People living in really hot areas should choose T Class (64.4 ° F to 109.4 ° F). It is also suitable for people who are going to use it in a small sun-facing room.

People who need to save energy should pay attention to Energy Efficiency Class. The lowest class (the most energy efficient) – A+++. Appliance with a higher level of energy consumption come next (A++, A+, A, B, etc.).


Naturally, since the choice is so extensive in the modern world, manufacturers try to stand out by making their product more functional than that of the competitor. If you are looking for a household refrigerator, it is sometimes better to pay more and choose a fridge with additional functionality, like lock indicator or an icemachine.

Compressor type is also important when choosing the refrigerator.Experts recommend choosing the appliance with inverter compressor, since such appliance will work efficiently and quietly. However, this type of compressor requires installation of the stabilizer, as it is weak to power surges.

Note the number of compressors. Inexpensive models are equipped with one compressor; those with higher quality have two of them. Refrigerators with two compressors are more energy efficient, their maintenance is cheaper, and one of the compressors may be temporarily switched off, while the other one will continue functioning.

Modern refrigerators have a convenient control method. Electromechanical controls are cheaper and more reliable. Electronic controls help you set the mode more accurately;therefore, it is better in terms of comfort. Most modern models are equipped with electronic controls.


Noise level is one of the most important features to focus on. All people want to have a noiseless refrigerator. We recommend that you choose an appliance that has a noise level below 40 dB.

We have reviewed basic criteria for choosing a quality fridge, but there still exist several nuances that make the refrigerator perfect. Special attention should be given to the refrigeration compartment. Shelves may be made of plastic, metal, or glass. It is best to choose the last option, as it is easy to clean. In addition, its surface is perfectly flat, which means that food will also sit steadily. Glass does not obscure the view, so you will easily find the stuff you need. Glass shelves look nice and are just as good as their metal counterparts– glass can withstand up to 88 pounds load.

Shelves fittings ensure convenient use – the shelf cannot be accidentally moved.

You should choose the appliance where the refrigeration compartment would have a large number of bars to move shelves. You can easily adjust the height and distance between shelves and place food of different sizes.


Some manufacturers offer bending shelves. It is also very convenient when you need to place something really tall in the fridge. You don’t need to take any additional steps to reorder shelves.

One or two lamps may light the fridge. They should be placed closer to the front edge and give light inside the refrigerator. Lighting that is located by the back wall is less desirable, as the light only falls on the back part.


It is advisable that bottle bracket was located inside of the refrigeration compartment. This will let you save space.


Sealing around the perimeter of the door must be elastic. You should check them for deficiencies.

Note the smell of compartments: neither the freezer nor the refrigeration compartment should smell like plastic. An unpleasant smell indicates the low quality of parts, and thus manufacturer’s reliability is being questioned.

Some models have the option of hanging the doors on either side of the fridge. This is useful, if you like to change your furnishing.

There are many designer refrigerator models with a variety of color solutions. You don’t necessarily need to choose standard white or grey color – maybe… yellow will perfectly fir into your interior?


Finally, we need to mention our refrigerator repair service NJ and best manufacturers. Products of these brands are considered reliable: General Electric, Whirlpool, LG, Samsung, Kenmore, Thermador, Electrolux, and Amana.

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