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Malfunctions of gas stoves: ways to repair

Gas stove is an important assistant at any kitchen, so when it breaks down, it results in a lot of trouble. If you want this to happen very rarely or never, you have to look after your stove continuously, as well as periodically check if all of the appliance elements function properly. Each insignificant failure may lead to a bunch of new ones – all systems may malfunction, and you will have to find the technician, who can urgently repair your gas stove. Technologies are constantly moving forward, old stoves were primitive, and you could only use them fstove-repair-in-tampa-bayor cooking, whereas new appliances have a whole lot of additional functions that allow you to expand your possibilities in cooking. Now the buyer can choose the best option of the gas stove for the kitchen based on desired functionality, as well as on the size and design.


What is a modern gas stove? What problems may arise over time? But first, let’s look at what the burner is and how it is arranged. This node consists of the flame tamer, foundation, burners, and a cover. Flame tamer divides flame all over the burner. This part is mainly made of aluminum, which is covered with a special substance that prevents corrosion and protects the material from moisture and temperature fluctuations. Flame tamer may break down if the appliance was installed incorrectly or did not receive proper care. If the flame tamer is installed incorrectly, the flame size may be changed automatically, which in turn will affect the protective coating, burn it, which will lead to failure. Failure resulting from care may be caused by the detergent, which was not recommended to use – it may eat away the top layer of the flame tamer.

The reflector, which covers the burner, evenly distributes flame through special burner channels so that we don’t get a train of fire. Reflector is mainly made of cast iron, and the top layer is made of black enamel. If the stove is installed incorrectly, the fire will damage the top coating of the reflector as the enamel will crack crack after a certain time.

Special grids that we put the dishes on when cooking, are most commonly made of cast iron or steel. Sometimes they are coated with enamel. The benefit of steel grids is their relatively light weight; besides, they are not sharp. Though, this material has a drawback too – over time enamel burns out, and the grid color fades. Cast iron grids withstand constantly high temperature better, so they are considered to be better than the steel ones. However, there is a drawback here too – cast-iron grid is much heavier than the steel one.

If any of the above elements broke down, you can easily replace them without the help of the service center or technician. Knowing the appliance serial number, you can purchase the required part yourself in the specialized store or online.

The burner electrical ignition function allows you to ignite the burner without matches or a lighter. Almost all modern gas stoves have this feature. Stoves with this feature are connected not just to the gas riser, but also to the electrical network, since there spark that ignites the fire when gas is fed into the burner cannot come out of nowhere. Electrical ignition may also break down. If you pressed electric ignition, but the spark did not appear, then your electronic unit needs repairing.

A similar problem may occur with a spark plug. A spark plug is a small column, which is located near the burner that we see with the naked eye. A spark touches the edge of this plug and this spark ignites the gas. Thus, you should know that a spark is present in all stove burners, however, the fire is ignited only under the burner to which the gas supply is open.


In this case, when you press an electrical ignition, but no spark appears, you should consider the possibility of plug breakdown. Though this is true, only if you are 100% sure that the stove is connected to the network and there are no problems with it. If the stove is not connected to the network, or an outlet has broken down, then the spark could not appear anyway. You can resolve this issue only after replacement or repair of the ignition unit. You should better not do it yourself, since it requires removing the gas stove working surface. You may also need to replace the spark plug, which is similar to ignition unit replacement.

Gas control function is a very useful thing, especially for security, and for those who have little children who like sticking their noses everywhere. Gas control is designed to prevent gas leakage, in case fire in the burner extinguishes for some reason. There is a special column in the burning flame, which is made of metal; it functions as a temperature sensor. If the fire extinguishes, the column cools down, which thereby gives the command to stop gas supply. The flame may extinguish for a number of reasons: water leaked from the pot, the window is open and there is drought in the kitchen, a child blew on the working burner. The temperature sensor cools down, gas supply stops automatically. Gas will not be fed to the burner even if the gas stove handle is set to working position. The fact of gas control being a nice feature does not prevent it from malfunctions, therefore, it may sometimes break down too. To repair it, you need to completely replace a special gas valve, which includes a solenoid valve that is used to stop gas supply when necessary. It may sometimes happen that you will have to replace the sensor completely. Is it possible to understand if the system is working or not? It is not very difficult, you just need to press the ignition button: if you see the flame light up and then extinguish when you release the button, it means the sensor does not “feel” the temperature. This causes gas supply valve to close.


If the gas stove is not inbuilt, then it necessarily contains an oven with special heat insulation of the doors. This heat insulation may come in different sizes: from 5 to 10 mm. Such insulation contains foil, it is located on the outside, and conducts heat poorly. When manufacturing such insulation, the manufacturers use only environmentally friendly materials, which provides for the opportunity to reduce the cost of electricity necessary to heat the household appliance. The oven door has more complex constructions, like glazing. Glass may be double- or triple-layer. It can be external, middle or internal glass. You need to be very careful with this construction, since it is still glass, which is fragile. If glass cracks or breaks, you need to replace it with a new one immediately, as this may pose a risk to you or your loved ones. The oven glass always contains a manufacturing company logo, which attest to the originality of the part. Therefore, if you ever require glass replacement, you may as well purchase its substitute, in case the original is too expensive.


We have not reviewed a list of issues that may arise in the process of stove usage. As well as methods of dealing with these problems.

  • If burner axis is dislodged, then the transverse is eased or the regulator body mount got lose. You can fix it if the traverse is installed correctly and the screws tightened well, as well as regulator body secured.
  • If valve handles are attached poorly, it means rod slots have broken down. You can repair it by removing the handle and fixing slots on the rods.
  • The oven door is closed badly or not at all. Perhaps, the door bolts are fixed poorly. This can also be repaired, you just need to remove the top cover of the door and tighten the spring up or insert the axis into the staple loop.
  • The oven bakes dishes poorly. Perhaps, the mode is set to incorrect value or the oven door is lopsided. When using the oven, pay attention to the appliance manual: if this is a door issue, it just needs correct adjusting.
  • The oven is not heated to the specified temperature. Over time, the valve or nozzle could become clogged, which leads to insufficient gas pressure, and thus the oven cannot operate properly. You need to call professionals who would repair the gas stove – they will repair both the valve and the nozzle.
  • You smell carbon in the house when the stove is working. Gas paths depressurization occurred. In order to understand what happened, apply soap solution used to check all connections coming from the gas stove, find the leak and eliminate it. Then recheck the same connections.

Please note! Do not repair the gas stove yourself – this may be dangerous for your life or lives of all house residents. You should call specialist of gas stove repair, and we will gladly provide you with these services!


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