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The machine does not heat water when washing

For a thorough washing of your clothes and linen from dirt, you appliance must be completely functional. If for some reason, the washing machine is not heating water, you should immediately start solving this issue since not only it prevents the machine from thorough washing, but also often indicates the emergence of critical failures of individual parts of the appliance. We strongly discourage any attempt to fix serious malfunctions yourself, as it may lead to complete breakdown of the device. It is best to call the specialist immediately.

How do I know if my washing machine is not heating water when washing

If the washing machine is not heating water when washing, many modern models immediately display the error and stop running. But older automatic washing machines do not have such functionality, and to make sure if the appliance is not heating water, you need to run the washing cycle at high temperature (above +60° C). After 30 minutes from the start, check the door glass – if it is cold, your washing machine stopped heating water and is washing stuff using cold water. It goes without saying that this method will not work for appliance with horizontal loading – you just need to open the lid and check the waster temperature manually (be careful to avoid burning yourself).

Note: lack of heating may be associated with the wrong choice of program and not with the breakdown, as certain programs (e.g., for washing woolen things) just do not need hot water. It also happens that the machine heats water poorly or periodically. This problem can be associated with certain parts failure – programmer or sheathed element.

Possible causes of malfunction

When automatic washing machine is heating water poorly or not heating at all, the cause maybe the following:

1. Improper connection of the device, which results in constant drawing and draining of water. In this case, you must reconnect hoses for drawing and draining water, strictly following the instruction in the user manual or just call the technician.

2. Control module malfunction (control module or programmer) responsible for correct operation of all appliance units. Software module may fail for various reasons, for example, as a result of regular power surges in the electrical power network. In some cases, the circuit may be repaired, although most often specialists recommended replacing the control module with a new one.

3. Clogged tube of the water level sensor. Because various rubbish accumulates, water is drawn to the required level, but there is no signal to heat it. To eliminate this malfunction, you need to unclog the tube.

Besides, when looking for answers to why your washing machine is not heating water (washing with cold water) and what to do with it, consider the current state of two more appliance parts – sheathed element and thermostat (temperature sensor).

Defective sheathed element – cause of failure


If the heating element in the washing machine is not working (not heating), you may find a thick layer of scum or mechanical damage on its case. In the first case, try cleaning the sheathed element from scum by starting a washing and rinsing cycle with an empty drum, and putting a couple of table spoons of citric acid or a special cleansing agent instead of the detergent.

If this does not help, most likely the sheathed element has burnt. To check the functionality of the sheathed element, measure its resistance with the help of tester. Connect sheathed element to the measuring device, and if the resulting figure corresponds to the calculated resistance value, the heating element is in good order. Otherwise, it needs replacing.

To extend the life of the sheathed element, we recommend using only quality detergents, and avoid exceeding the detergent dosage. If the tap water is hard, install the streamline filter.

Another reason for failure may consist in the wear of wires leading to the heating element. To eliminate the malfunction, they need to be welded or replaced.


If temperature sensor is the reason


When the appliance is running, temperature control sensor (thermostat) periodically turns the heater on and off after reaching the desired temperature mode. However, when this part breaks down, the water is not heated.

To check the washing machine temperature sensor (thermostat), use a special device – multimeter. The procedure is carried out in several stages:

– Thermostat is removed from the machine casing;

– The resistance is being measured with a help of the multimeter;

– Temperature sensor is lowered into the hot water, which is followed by the repeated measurement of resistance;

– Both results are compared.

If the washing machine thermostat values in the cold and heated states differ considerably, the appliance functions correctly, if no – it needs replacing.


Repair of washing machines: the appliance is not heating water


Professional repair of washing machines that are not heating water is performed after through diagnostics and detection of exact causes of malfunction. Then they are eliminated by replacing the sheathed element, recovery of the temperature sensor, or other means.

To repair household appliance in Odesa (quickly and at reasonable price), many consumers prefer our service center. Experienced technicians can repair any models of washing machines or other household appliances regardless of the breakdown complexity. If all of the required parts are available at the service center, the work will take no more than one day.

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