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LG Washing Machine – UE and uE Error Codes

LG washing machine completed rinsing, drained water, but the spin won’t start. The machine rotates the drum just like during washing and rinsing, but does not gain momentum. For a while, it continues trying to pick up pace and wring out the laundry, and then it stops. UE (capital letter U!) appears on the display, and the machine completes the washing cycle. Some LG models with a screen, may also display uE (small letter u!) error when trying to gain momentum.

Depending on the model, if this error occurs, in LG washing machines without a display, the following indicators may be blinking or burning simultaneously:

– all spin indicator (lights)
– LEDs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6

Error interpretation

For some reason, the washing machine failed to distribute the drum load along the rotation axis evenly. You should distinguish between uE and UE errors.

uE code (small letter u!) means that LG machine identified load imbalance and is trying to fix this problem (by adding a little water and distributing the laundry along the drum walls).

uE (small letter u!) lights up for your information only, no action is required on your part. UE code (capital letter U!) means that despite all the efforts to distribute load along the drum axis, the washing machine failed to do it. Your intervention is required.
The appearance of UE (capital letter U!) error on the display could be caused by both small problems that can be solved on your own, and serious malfunctions.

First of all, pay attention to the frequency of this error. If it appears from time to time, then most likely your washing machine is functioning properly. However, the appearance of UE code and failure to spin during each washing, tells about the malfunction of your LG.

UE error: what to do and how to fix it on your own?

Quite often, the UE error is caused by LG washing machine overload (e.g., too large blanket) or, on the contrary, not enough laundry is loaded (only one or two small items). If this is the case, you can’t force the machine to wring out the laundry. The system used to control the drum load distribution will not let you do it. So, error here is a normal response of your washing machine to the violation of usage rules. You need to unload (or add some more laundry) the machine, then it will start spinning, and the error will disappear.

Sometimes when washing items that have different weight, the washing machine cannot distribute it automatically.
Try to open the machine and manually distribute items in the drum more evenly. Then run the spin cycle again.
Using a level measuring tool, check if the washing machine is installed on the flat surface. Perhaps, the washing machine control unit (electronic controller) crashed. Try unplugging the machine and then connecting it back after 10-20 minutes.

Always call a professional to solve errors of washing machine , and regular clean-ups and maintenance. This will definitely improve the machine performance in the long run.

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