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How to Repair a Refrigerator?

A Homeowner cannot imagine a day without efficiently working refrigerators. A misbehaving refrigerator can put you into a distress situation. Whether your fridge is not cooling or has started making a rattling noise, you need to find out the problem instantly. If you are not much handy, you must take professional help for refrigerator repair. But before that, you can read the quick tips to find out how to repair the appliance at home.

Problem 1: The motor is running continuously, but the refrigerator is not cooling


Refrigerator Repair Motor

Make sure that the evaporator fan motor in the fridge is properly working. Also, the compressor must be working correctly. You can try to clean the condenser coil if dirt and dust is accumulated. If still, the refrigerator is not cooling,  you must take the help of a professional technician. 

Problem 2: Droplets of moisture around the refrigerator door


Droplets Of Moisture Around The Refrigerator Door

This problem can occur due to bad for sale, which has completely torn. Also, this problem can occur if the door is not straight and won’t close appropriately, allowing a game between the bottom or top of the refrigerator. You can try to heat the seal with the help of a hairdryer. If this option will not work, you will be required to replace the seal by taking professional appliance repair Middlesex County help.

Problem 3: Unnecessary increase in your energy bill


Unnecessary increase in your energy bill

If your fridge is old and is working improperly, it will suck a lot of energy. You can try using a usage meter or any other app on your Smartphone to track the energy consumption of your refrigerator. Also, in this case, you are advised to buy a new energy-efficient refrigerator.

Problem 4: The coils behind the refrigerator are heated up and you feel that the what is coming out from back of the refrigerator


coils behind the refrigerator

If excessive heat is coming out from the refrigerator, it can lead to a significant problem. It can fail a compressor. It is necessary to keep the condenser coil clean. Moreover, a condenser fan motor can also be replaced if it is running slowly or not running at all. If there is a severe problem and the condenser of the unit is not working, you need to replace it. For replacing the condenser, you must take appliance repair professional help.

There are many problems that the appliance can face without any prior notice, and taking professional help is always advisable. 

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