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Of all the appliances you use every single day, freezer plays an important role in the kitchen. Because the freezer helps to preserve fruit, meat and other products fresh for long time.
As soon as you notice that your fruit or ice cream seems to be getting soft or that freezer has been making strange noises, you need to apply to freezer repair service in NJ – Advance Appliance Company help you.

Type of freezer

That we repair
  • Undercounter Freezers
  • Tall Freezers
  • Chest Freezers
  • Built-in Freezers
  • Mini Freezers


90 day warranty on repairs
90 day warranty on parts of manufacturer

There is no need for despair. Freezer repair is one of our main specializations. We offer the professional help even in the most complex cases of breakages.

Besides we clearly understand how important is a stable temperature for food storage, so Advance Appliance technicians will arrive at your place on time and quickly detect problem and repair freezer.

Full Service



Advance Appliance provides the high quality service for all main brands of home appliances.


We fix 89% of the breakdowns at your place. Our technicians fix the problem in a timely manner and provide you a guarantee for their services. You won’t even notice how quickly you will come back to your regular pace of life.


If there is a need, we replace the broken parts and the ones, which are out of order, with the original parts from the producer of the respective brand. Advance Appliance uses only the original parts to guarantee the 100% quality performance.

Freezer brands

Which we service
Whirlpool cooktop repair service NJ Maytag cooktop repair service NJ LG cooktop repair service NJ Jenn-air cooktop repair service NJ
General-Electric cooktop repair service NJ Frigidaire cooktop repair service NJ Kenmore cooktop repair service NJ Amana cooktop repair service NJ
Samsung cooktop repair service NJ Bosch cooktop repair service NJ KitchenAid cooktop repair service NJ Electrolux cooktop repair service NJ

When should you call a specialist?

Common issues, symptoms and causes breakage
  • Frosting up
    A build-up of frost in your freezer usually means that there is a problem is self-defrost system. Example, it happens when the defrost thermostat or timer are not working properly. Door gaskets can also be damaged. Opening the freezer door creates humidity because it lets warm, humid air enter the freezer.
  • Won’t start
    If your freezer will not start, you need to inspect the start relay, the thermostat, and the start capacitor. Don’t try to fix the issue without professional help. Because if you end up making the problem worse. Be smart and contact us.
  • Too cold
    It is possible for a freezer to be too cold, the ideal internal temperature is 0° F. If your freezer keeps running after the ideal temperature has been reached, be sure to get professional help.
  • Strange noise
    If the fridge has started making noise, it’s already the sign that something went wrong. The unusual or loud noises or clunks can be caused by several things. These sounds usually indicate a problems with the evaporator fan motor or with the evaporator fan blade. Our freezer repair experts quickly identify the problem and fix it.
  • Doesn’t stop running
    The reasons may be different. There is need to test the temperature control, defrost timer, and defrost thermostat. Better call on a professional for help.
  • Too warm
    Did you leave the door open? Were the temperature controls accidently adjusted? Are door seals working? Many issues could be to blame. To find out what the problem is, you need to seek professional help.

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