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Dryer Repair or Replacement

When the dryer breaks down, it is sometimes scary to call the specialist because of fear of high costs of dryer repair. Our company offers affordable services. Our main focus is your comfort and high quality of service. This a reason for having this blog. This article will help you understand, which dryer breakdowns may be solved by yourself, and when to call a specialist.


Thus, there are three types of dryer issues:

  • DIY issues;
  • Issues requiring part replacement;
  • Issues requiring professional repair.

Let’s take a closer look.

The following issues fall under the DIY category:

Lint Buildup. Thus, the first thing you need to do is clean the lint trap regularly. If ignored, it may cause certain breakdowns. Don’t forget about the inside of the dryer and a fan – lint Buildup often forms around it.

Sensor Issues. If your dryer turns off too soon, this may be because the dry sensor goes off too early. It may occur if sensor bars are covered with bloom. This may be easily removed using ordinary soap and water. Just wipe these metal bars with a sponge.

Backwards Door Problems. If the dryer door does not open properly or you have to exert too much effort to do it – check the manual. Sometimes, the door is attached the wrong way. Just turn it the right way according to the manual, and use your appliance with ease.

When does your dryer need Repair?


Clogged Vent. If you have to run the cycle twice to finally get your things dry, most likely, there is an issue with the culprit. To see if this is true, run the dryer in high heat mode and check the air flow at the end of the vent. If the air is not coming out, it is time for cleaning. In this case, just call us at 732-416-7430. Don’t waste your time – when the air is not coming out, it remains inside the dryer, heats internal parts and may cause fire.

Gas or Burning Smell. This is a matter of your safety, not just the appliance serviceability. As soon as you feel such a smell – stop the dryer and turn it off completely. It may be a gas leak in the gas hose, a burnt part, etc. Call the specialist immediately.



Old Age. Dryers often work much longer than the manufacturer guarantees, However, if your appliances is over 10 years old, it is time to think of replacement. Modern dryers are faster, more economical and efficient.

Smoke or Fire. If smoke comes out of your dryer or you see fire – do not repair it. Just control the fire, put it out and start looking for a new dryer.DIY-repairs-on-household-appliances

Dear friends, if you have not found the required information in our list, contact us! We will be sure to prepare the materials on the topic of your interest. If you need a specialist, just call us. We will come as soon as possible.

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