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Why Does The Dishwasher Wash Dishes Poorly, And What Should I Do?

You open the door of the dishwasher and see dirty dishes with food leftovers and soapy stains instead of clean and shiny plates. Is it familiar to you? Certainly, this is an unpleasant and sad
view. However, don’t rush to look for signs of malfunction — it is likely that the problem is caused by commonplace reason that can be eliminated on your own.

Problems associated with improper use of dishwashers:

● The food remains and built-up food. If you don’t remove all of these from your dishes, then the quality of washing will never be perfect. All manufacturers warn about this rule; it is recommended to follow it.
● Wrong cycle selection. Economical and short programs are intended for light blotting only, and fatty dishes require the longest cycle with the maximum temperature.
● Machine overload. If the dishwasher does not wash the dishes properly, you might be loading too many plates and other utensils. Next time, try to put less cookware — most likely, your problem will be solved.
● Improper use of detergents. Wrong choice of cleaning detergent and/or its quantity is a common cause of dishwasher’s poor-quality. Try to reduce or increase the amount of cleaner, or even completely change its brand.

If any of these steps lead to a positive result, and your dishwasher still washes cookware poorly, get to know it better. Or rather its internal arrangement. Some problems occur because of regular
use of the dishwasher and may be eliminated without the involvement of specialists.

Problems associated with active use of dishwashers:

● Scale. Perhaps, this is one of the most insidious enemies of dishwashers. Scale appears due to hard water (even despite using special softeners), it is not visible on plastic parts of the appliance, but inside, where parts are metal, and scale is slowly doing its work. Settling on sprinklers, scale prevents spraying of water, and therefore — the dishwasher does not wash cookware properly. To eliminate this problem, fill the dishwasher with citric acid instead of the detergent and start it idle at the maximum temperature.

● Clogs. The reason for clogs are food remains, napkin pieces, and other debris that get
inside the appliance with cookware. As a rule, filters of primary and final cleaning, as well as sprinklers are the most affected by this problem. Therefore, if your dishwasher suddenly started washing cookware poorly after long months of good work — first, check the filters. From that time on clean them after each use of the dishwasher, as recommended by manufacturers.

Thus, filters are cleaned, the amount of detergent is calibrated perfectly, correct cycle is selected, and you have scraped the built-up dirt from the cookware — but the dishwasher does not wash
dishes as well as before! It seems that you have a serious malfunction. In this case, please contact our service center.

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