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Why the dishwasher does not heat water?

If after the washing cycle stops, you suddenly notice that your dishes are cold, wet and dirty — this is a sure sign that water does not heat up or is not heated enough. Do not panic, it is likely that the reason for this are mere household problems, which can be fixed quickly either by you or the specialist.

● If your dishwasher is new and you are using it for the first time — it is very likely that it is simply connected wrong. As a result, the dishwasher may be collecting and draining water continuously and as a result has no time to heat it. Unfortunately, only a person familiar with the rules for installing dishwashers can eliminate this problem.

● Wrong washing mode. Make sure you set the correct cycle: some imply heating the water only to 30-40 degrees (the so-called “delicate washing”). Besides, if you select the cycle with the maximum heating of 30 degrees and the manual tumbler-switch is fixed at 90 degrees for dishwashers with electro mechanical control, the dishwasher will by default work according to the chosen program, that is, the maximum heating of the water will be 30 degrees. Read more about this in the manual to your appliance.

● The filter is clogged. If the filter clogs up in modern dishwashers, water circulation decreases, then heating element does not turn on and the machine does not heat water. Clean the filter and continue doing it regularly — after each washing cycle.
We hope you find a key to eliminating your issue among reasons described above. If not, the malfunction is more serious and requires a competent approach. Contact Advanced Appliance today to get best assistance with respect to dishwasher repair.

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