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“My dishwasher is broken”: the most common reason why.

Today we will reveal you the great secret about broken dishwashers. The major part of the requests is caused by one tiny detail. Would you like to know which one?$(KGrHqZHJFMFJIS+RjkGBSYRKNjliQ--60_12

Dead Silence

When we put the dishes into the dishwasher, added the detergent, closed it, set everything, pushed the button ‘start’, and you got the dead silence in return … it’s time to call the technician. The dishwasher shouldn’t work without any noise. You should hear when it is filled with water.

So, when you get the silence for an answer to all your actions and it doesn’t react – turn to professionals. We will bring the mutual understanding back into your relationships.

The problem from the client’s perspective:

When you call us, we often hear the despair in your voice. But very often, instead of saying”My dishwasher is dead”, you could actually say «my dishwasher feels bad». The repair technicians are called «appliance doctor» for a reason. Don’t haste to say goodbye to your dishwasher and send it to the graveyard. We will bring your dishwasher back to life.


So, if you faced one the following problems, just call our technician:

  • dishwasher won’t fill – you can say “I’m not getting any water to my dishwasher”
  • dishwasher has no power,
  • dishwasher doesn’t start
  • doesn`t work
  • and our favorite – dishwasher is dead.

Why do such problems occur and whether they can be fixed?

Of course, they can be fixed. Here we got to our great secret. Very often all these breakdowns are caused by malfunctioning of one single part of the hardware. Our company is reliable dishwasher repair service NJ, address to us.

There is such a part in the dishwasher which is called the float switch. It is responsible for the water quality control which should get inside the appliance. This part, which resembles the topsy-turvy cup, is placed at the bottom of the tank, inside the dishwasher. This is a specific float that rises together with the water level. When it comes to the highest point, the float switch knows that there is enough water. Sometimes it happens that this part is stuck in the highest point. Then, even when there is no water, it thinks that the dishwasher is full. This breaks the work of the whole system.


It is not a trouble for the professional to fix this issue. The most important is to know where and what to look for. And our technicians are experts not only in the main parts of the dishwasher but also in the peculiar system differences of various brands.

To get the best dishwasher repair service in NJ, Contact Advanced Appliance at (732)702-3158

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