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Most Common Error Codes for a General Electric (GE) Front Load Washing Machine

In the field of washers and dryers, GE is a renowned brand due to its high-end products and excellent after-sales services. However, electrical items tend to face wear and tear and the best way to overcome such problems is to make a correct diagnosis of the underlying problems. In the case of GE front load washer, a technician can determine the root cause of the problem by decoding the displaying error code. There are various error codes in GE Front Load washer that can be accessed only from the service mode and enable easy identification of the problems with GE front load washers.

For technicians, it is necessary to pay attention to these error codes as the complex set up of these washes make it difficult for them to identify an underlying problem. One important thing to keep in mind is that these error codes don’t essentially diagnose the washer; they just provide a basis to start repairs.

Let’s first know how to activate the service mode on a GE front load washer.

  1. Shut the door.
  2. Do away with current cycles by pressing the power button. Do check that the screen is blank before you try to enter the service mode.
  3. Detach power cord of washer for a minimum of 30 seconds.
  4. Reconnect the power cord and finish the next step within 30 seconds of reconnecting power.
  5. Press signal-delay start-signal-delay start.

Once you successfully enter the washer into the service mode, t01 will come up on the screen and the door will get locked.

If you any of these models like GFWN1000, GFAN1000, GFWN1100, and GFAN1100, the procedure is slightly different. To activate the service mode on these models, press signal, extra rinse, signal and extra rinse. Press the same button sequence to come out of the service mode.

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Caution – Never attempt to disconnect the power when the washer is in service mode. It could lead to a damaged control board.

To come out of service mode, press signal -delay start -signal – delay start.


Error Codes Test Mode

After you diagnose a GE front load washer, it is necessary to clear the error codes. If you don’t clear the error codes when you have another problem, the old error codes will emerge from an issue that has been fixed. To clear the error codes, press and hold start/pause till E00 gets displayed. Press power to exit this test mode and the display must turn t02.

GE Front Load Washer Errors Code & How to Troubleshoot Them

E22 – Fill Timeout

If you come across this error code on display, this means there is a problem with the washer pausing during a cycle. When the machine notices that the washer has been attempting to fill with water for over 8 minutes, it tends to pause, and the lights will start flashing.

The first step you can take is to ensure that the washer valves are turned on completely. If you found them correct, turn off the water supply and disconnect the hoses to check if the strainers in the hoses are blocked and if so, clean them.

If there is no clogging, it’s time to replace the water valve on the washer.

E23 – Flood protection drain

As improper loads are found to cause this problem, it is recommended to give it a retry before delving deeper.

Flood protection drain is basically a drain mode that gets “ON” when the washer is in shiftless condition and the control regulates that the washer is overflowing by checking the water level control input. A faulty water valve or a poor water level control can cause this. If the water valve is behind this, you would see water seeping into the washer when it is off. If not, perform the water level control test on GE Front loader service mode.

E30 – No drain pump

This error code simply means that the control is not able to receive an electric signal from the drain pump. There could be various reasons – clogged pump, faulty drain pump, loose connection or a faulty control board. Start with checking the loose connection followed by any blockage and finally the pump. If faulty, replace it.

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E21 – Slow drain

It means that the washer is taking excessive amounts of time to drain out the tub. A blocked water pump or a clogged drain could cause this. Keep in mind that if your drain is more than 96 inches high, this code emerges.

E38-E39 – Dispenser errors

These error codes actually mean that the control board is receiving an incorrect response from the switch in the dispenser motor. Mostly, a faulty dispenser motor is the cause of this.

E42/E48/E49/E46/E54 Motor related errors

These codes are motor errors and their cause is either a poor inverter or motor. To deal with them, clear the code, come out of the service mode and separate the power to the washer for at least 30 seconds. Don’t disconnect the power until you exit the service mode because it may cause damage to the control.

E49/E45 Motor Overload

To deal with this error cord, check for any overload of your washer. Do check for mechanical failure by ensuring that the basket is spinning freely by hand. Clear the code, leave the service mode then detach the washer for at least 30 seconds. Then if the problem reoccurs, replace the inverter.

E43/E4A/E4B/E4C/E4E/E4F/E53/E47 Inverter Errors

A faulty inverter or motor can be the cause of these errors. Start with clearing the exit code, exit the service mode and detach the power supply to the washer for at least 30 seconds.

E52/E54 Inverter lose connection

Do a thorough check for loose connections between the control board and inverter. If there is none, replace the inverter.

E57-E58 – Main control error

These codes actually mean that the main control board is faulty.

E60/E61/E63/E64/ Door lock errors

To deal with then, check the connections between the control and the door latch and if they are ok, replace the door latch.

E62 System contact error

System contact error just refers that the washer is facing a loose or shorted connection. This connection can be located in any part on the machine, so it is best to examine all connections. If you don’t discover a shorted or loose connection, the best way is to replace the control panel.

E65 Water level control error

You can deal with this error code by running the t06 water level control test. If this test reveals no issues, replace the main control.

E66/E67 – Water temperature sensor errors

To deal with it, expose the thermistor by detaching the bottom front panel of the washer. The water heater and thermistor can be found at the base of the tub. Detach the wires from the thermistor and test ohms across the two terminals. At room temperature, the thermistor should give approx. 12K ohms. If the sensor is open, shorted or difference from 12K ohms mark, replace the same.

E70/E71 – Keypad errors

This code comes when elements like dirt, grease, or other objects get logged in between the keypad and the front housing. Detach the control from the case and clean. If this doesn’t rectify the error, replace the control.

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