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What to choose: a stove or a cooktop?

The market for household appliances is constantly being updated with a variety of new products. Many housewives prefer conventional gas and electric stoves. But the question arises: if a cooktop also works on gas or electricity, than why is the conventional stove better?

Regular kitchen stove is considerably cheaper than the cooktop with the oven. In addition, you don’t need to prepare a special place for it, just connect it to existing gas pipe or electric network. A wide range of stoves lets you choose the ideal option for the kitchen, not just in terms of functionality, but also attractive design.

Gas tops are manufactured with a different number of burners, but the one with 4 burners is the most common. As a rule, the diameter of these burner cups is completely different, enabling a more functional use of cooking utensils of different size and dimensions. The most convenient to use are multi-contour burners that let you choose the desired burner diameter. In this case, you can set the preferred cooking mode. Gas cooktop has the same additional features as a conventional gas stove does. It is worth noting that dimensions and shape of the built-in gas cooktop is considerably different from rather standard geometric dimensions of household gas stoves.

Those who prefer traditional appliance, will like a built-in option. In addition, the cost of installation of this type of equipment are compensated by lower price on appliance without its own frame. One of the main advantages of the built-in stove is that it looks better in the kitchen interior design and fits to the furniture harmoniously.

As for a separate cooktop, many women have given them preference recently. If you want to add an oven to it, they will still have independent controls.

If your kitchen is small, then a cooktop will be a perfect option for you. It is easy to set on a table or any other surface. If you cook a lot, it is better to install a standard electric stove, as it may hold cookware weighing over 15 kg.

What to consider when choosing a stove?

  • Automatic change of the heating area, when the burner is turned on in the place where the pot or frying pan are located.
  • If you cook a lot, it is better to purchase the stove with 5-6 burners.
  • “Gas control” function is very important too: gas supply stops if the flame extinguishes.
  • For the sake of your safety, choose the stove with an automatic shutdown function in case of overheating.
  • The lock function ensures the safety of children in the house
  • Final heat indicator is equally useful, as it tells you which burner is hot.

If you choosing between a gas stove and a gas cooktop, the answer is ambiguous. When you just want to replace your old stove with the new one, than your choice will naturally fall on the gas stove. However, when you want to replace the kitchen furniture, consider how to place everything in your kitchen in the most functional and comfort way and for more details contact our stove repair expert Contact Advanced Appliance today for cooktop Repair Services in NJ

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