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Care after the washing machine

Washing machine, like any other appliance, requires proper care and compliance with certain operating rules. Care for this kind of household appliance includes external and internal care.


External care consists in maintaining the machine body clean. We recommend you wipe it with a damp cloth with neutral detergent. Be sure to choose cleaners that do not contain spirits. After the removal of dust and dirt, you may additionally wipe the surface with a dry soft cloth and let the appliance dry. Repeat such actions every week.

Make sure that the machine surface is not exposed to water or other liquids. First, it may cause damage to the body, and second, it may lead to electric interlocking. This applies to those washing machines that are installed by the water sources.
Remember that electric cables and hoses that connect the washing machine must be intact. It is desirable to hide them somewhere inaccessible to children and close direct access to them. Protect hoses and the cable from fractures or voltages, as it may lead to fractures and breaks.

Woman Doing Laundry Reaching Inside Washing Machine

Internal care is much more important than external one. First, pay attention to small detergent boxes. Most often, this is one solid box, which can be easily removed. It should be washed in warm water using detergent. If it is hard to get rid of solid residue, you can use an old toothbrush that will easily remove excess dirt. Such cleaning should be done at least once in a few months.

Periodically, review the condition of the drum. Small metal particles that can enter the drum, lead to emergence of rust, therefore, check the drum for remains of little clothes parts after washing.

Remember about the water filter. Besides, one more reason to clean the filter is because little objects often get stuck there, which may prevent proper pump operation. This may lead to water drain issue.


You can also install a special filter in the water supply hose. These filters have different constructions and functions. One of them is to hold particles of calcium and magnesium, which are the main causes of lime scale appearance on the heating element. There are filter models that are attached to the pipe like latches and do not require intervention into pipes construction.

Seen from inside drum, pretty woman loading washing machine

As for scale, it is best to think about it in advance and periodically take preventive steps. This can be done in 2 ways – physical and chemical.

Physical method involves installing a special magnetic device on the water supply hose. Magnets are located around the circuit, which causes magnetic resonance. When water passes through this magnetic field, it changes its structure, and water particles and impurities interact closely. Due to this, insoluble residue is not formed.

Chemical method involves using a chemical additive for each washing cycle. Substances present in the additive destroy insoluble residue. When choosing such substance please take into account washing machine manufacturer’s recommendations and pay attention to the instructions on the packaging.

There are few tips that could help you take proper care of your washing machine.

  • Try not to run your washing machine to wash just one item.
  • Do not overload it either, as bearings, shock absorbers, and hatch cuff may get damaged.
  • Do not use washing powders for hand washing, as they create a large amount of foam, which may lead to overflowing of electric nodes and aggregates of the washing machine.
  • After washing, leave the hatch door ajar – this facilitates better ventilation.

In case, your washing machine is defective and you want to get your washer repaired take advice from our expert immediately.

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