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Our clients are happy with the work that we do and they’re thrilled to be able to get back to using their appliances when we leave. We know that you’re going to be just as happy as they are when our technicians stop by and take care of the problem for you. In East Brunswick, Middlesex County, we’re the best around.

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    Types of Appliances And Brands

    We Repair Appliances in East Brunswick in Middlesex County

    Advanced Appliance™ Repair Service

    East Brunswick, Middlesex County

    Advanced Appliance Company was founded over 25 years ago to provide high quality appliance repair throughout East Brunswick, Middlesex County. Certified for anything and everything you might need when it comes to repair services throughout your home or business, Advanced Appliance has the best of the best in repair services and technicians. We make sure that everyone we hire has the experience to get the job done right, no matter what you’re looking for. That’s because we believe the last thing you need, when you’re already having trouble with your appliances, is more trouble finding someone to help.

    When you give us a call you’re going to have someone at your house quickly, whenever you need them to be. That’s because we understand that the problems that happen in your home and with your appliances definitely don’t happen only during business hours. We have technicians ready and waiting at any time of the day or night. And if you need to schedule around something important we can always make time for you. Our techs want to help and they’ll do it by bringing their knowledge directly to you.

    What’s really great is you’ll be able to get other things done around your house while we work on the broken appliances. That’s because you don’t have to get someone to transport that appliance. You don’t need a large truck or anything else that’s going to move your busted dishwasher or fridge. Instead, you give us a call and we’ll come directly to you to get things taken care of without all the hassle. After all, you don’t have the time and the tools to move those big appliances, right? Or the interest in doing it. That’s why we come out with all the tools we’ll need to fix it right in the comfort of your own home.

    Our team is certified for all the major appliance brands because we know that’s important to you. Having the experience doesn’t mean much if you can’t prove it, right? Which is why we have all the certifications ready for anything and we keep our technicians going back for more training whenever they can. We want to make sure they always know about the latest and greatest appliances and what to do if something happens. We also want to make sure you feel comfortable with us, and with all those great references we’ve got around, you’re definitely going to.

    The Advantages Of Advanced Appliance

    Appliance Repair Services in East Brunswick, Middlesex County

    Best Time For Services

    Book your appointment today, for a time that works best for you. Convenient schedule for everyone!

    High Quality Specialists

    Our technicians are professional, fully trained, polite and friendly.

    0$ Diagnostic Fee with repair

    There is never a service fee with a completed repair, just a charge for parts and labor.

    Certified appliance repair service in East Brunswick 08816

    Certifications are important in everything you do. You want any professional that you hire to be certified, right? You don’t hire someone to be your doctor if you’re not sure about their qualifications, after all. That’s why all of our technicians get certified to work on anything and everything you might have and they make sure that you’re satisfied with the work they do every time they leave your home.

    Even better, our work is certified too so you can count on the repairs to be done right and done with high quality parts that are made by your manufacturer. That means you’re going to have a warranty on the parts and you’re going to keep your warranty on the products as well.

    Advanced Appliance repair in East Brunswick,Middlesex County

    We’ll give you the services that you need and the quality that you’re looking for every single time. When your appliances break down you don’t have a lot of time to waste finding someone that can take care of things for you. Instead, work with us and get the job done fast and done right the first time. We’ll be there right away, and you can count on us with 25 years of experience and the best technicians around.

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      • Recommend

        Have used these guys a few times now. They're always on time, efficient, and very friendly. Unfortunately, I'm not to fix too many things around the house, but they've helped me out a few times for sure!

      • Top notch service

        Had a great experience with these servise. They responded to my text at 8 pm on a Sunday night, and set up an appt for the next morning! The gentleman who came to help was courteous, and I didn't feel like he was pulling the wool over my eyes. We talked through options, and I felt like I was left with the best option for me (which was NOT the most expensive!), which is unheard of a lot of times in the service industry. Great experience.